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Company Introduction

SCM was founded in 2006, constituted by five companies i.e. Shanghai Huipu Industrial Chemicals Co., Ltd, Shanghai Huiping Chemical Co., Ltd, Huipu Industrial Chemicals (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd, Shanghai Huifei Chemical Co., Ltd, Nantong Huiping Novel Materials of Polymers Co., Ltd, which has constructed the most professional service platform of special materials and chemicals in China, currently.

SCM not only devotes itself to developing the advantages of global resources & local services, building a service platform of target market segments, but also insists on providing customers a package solution with technical supports, product combination and market analysis, so as to help Chinese enterprises to implement the product upgrading and innovation applications.

SCM makes endeavor to focus on value-added process with a strong consciousness of market-oriented, customer-centric and innovation, and commits to open up the key of the market and realize grasp or breakthrough of industry chain.

Our company started from scratch with few people to a group in hundreds nowadays and developed within wide range of more than dozen agencies across the country. We have not only gathered a group of people who love chemistry and have good knowledge of it, but also will continue to attract more aspiring youths to join in us.

SCM has extending combination of products and services in wide range of areas such as medical care materials, aerospace materials, oil, pesticide adjuvant, environmental protection, automotive materials, etc. Our products are offered in various fields with superior service package to help Chinese enterprises to realize industrial upgrading and products upgrading. We devoted ourselves to performing our vision that to be a distinguished service provider of special chemical products, an enterprise commonly recognized by our clients, suppliers, partners, the whole society and the pride of employees and their families. In the exploring way, driven by future needs is our corporate’s great mission. We employees adhere to the core values of “respect for nature and love for mankind”.

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